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How long does a pet photo session take?

I put no time limit on the actual pet photography session. I take as long as it takes to get great pictures of your pet. The most important thing to me is for your pet to be comfortable and for you to be happy with the end product.

I often travel with a second photographer who takes pictures from a different vantage point...giving you a unique variety of images to choose from and allowing me to create twice as many shots in a shorter amount of time.

Note**Be weary of photographers who  put a time limit on the session. Pets are unpredictable. They may not cooperate in the time "X" photographer has allotted for you. What if your session time expires and your furry friend still hasn't calmed down or come out from under the bed? Will you end up with a bunch of crummy images or will "X" photographer  charge you an additional fee for staying longer? Beware.